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Magnum Blue Ribbon Feeds primarily services two distinct agricultural communities.  We provide calcium carbonate to the livestock industries as a feed supplement as well as to the mushroom growers in the central United States.  MBRF produces a superior carbonate because of two unique characteristics: small particle size and high pH levels.

Our calcium carbonate is tested regularly by the state of Texas to verify that we maintain at least 95% purity. 

Particle Size
Because Magnum Blue Ribbon Feeds calcium carbonate was originally limestone rock used to purify sugar, and extracted as a precipitate, the average particle size is at or below one micron.  Most ground limestone has a particle size more than 100 times larger.  Our small particle size gives us more surface area which in turn allows the calcium carbonate to be more readily absorbed by the biological systems of both plants and animals.  With our higher absorption rate, our clients need less calcium, see better results and waste less product than with crushed limestone.\

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pH Levels
Magnum Blue Ribbon Feeds uses a calcium carbonate originally extracted as a precipitant with a high pH level around 10.  This allows our clients to more easily balance the acidity levels in both animal feed and in the soil used to grow crops.

Low pH levels in animal feed cause a variety of challenges; many of which center around the fact that animal rumens tend to have low pH levels, resulting in improper digestion.  Our calcium carbonate is often used to help balance the pH levels as well as to provide an essential nutrient in animal feed.  Mushroom growers also find the high pH levels helpful in re-balancing the acidity levels in their crop's soil.

We also supply golf courses with calcium carbonate to raise their low pH soil, resulting in  healthier fairways and greens.

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Delivery Methods
It is our policy to ship a load the same day it is ordered, however we are also happy to schedule multiple loads in advance.  We ship in bulk or in 2000 lb. bags, depending on our clients needs.  We can also ship a load wet or dried.  Dried a load typically has less than 4% moisture.  Wet loads depend on the ground moisture at the time but typically range from 15% to 18% moisture.


Our calcium carbonate is used to grow a majority of the mushrooms produced in the central United States.