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Magnum Blue Ribbon Feeds calcium carbonate began as limestone rock and was used as a precipitate by Holly Sugar in the purification of sugar.  The resulting byproduct is a fine particle material that is rich in calcium.  Over the 40 years that Holly Sugar produced refined sugar, they left behind approximately one million tons of surplus calcium carbonate.

Others tried to find a way to reclaim the calcium, but it wasn't until Tim Gearn became interested that a viable product was produced. Magnum Blue Ribbon Feeds sought approval from the Texas State Chemist for the use of their calcium carbonate in animal rations.  In 1997, with full approval, MBRF began producing and selling calcium as a mineral supplement in animal feed.

MBRF has since expanded its business to provide calcium to mushroom growers, an essential ingredient in the growth and production of mushrooms in the central United States.  In addition, we also provide calcium carbonate to golf courses to help balance their soil pH levels.


Our calcium carbonate is used to grow a majority of the mushrooms produced in the central United States.